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Experts building premier projects in consumer Web3


Building in Web3 is incredibly difficult.

The skills and talents required for building a successful consumer Web3 company are both highly sought after and hard to find.


A proven team to lead you to tangible value.

We bring together a respected team of founders and operators to reach product-market fit, fast.


A remarkable track record of onboarding new users into crypto.

We bring together seasoned leaders that have built some of the most iconic companies in Web 2.0 and Web3.

Kevin Chou

Managing Partner

Kevin is a serial founder who has launched multiple unicorn startups in the gaming and crypto space, including Kabam, Rally, and Forte. He was previously named to Fortune's 40 Under 40 list.

Mahesh Vellanki

Managing Partner

Before Superlayer, Mahesh was the co-founder of Rally. Previously, he co-founded Forte and was a venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures, leading investments in the consumer internet space.

  • Gary Coover


  • Ira Lam

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Michael Li

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Saad Rizvi

    Chief Product Officer

  • Renee Wong

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Eric Guan

    Head of Token Economics

  • Mary Matto

    Sr. Paralegal

  • Tony Pham

    VP Marketing

  • Susan Santos

    Executive Assistant

  • Welly Sculley

    SVP Partnerships

  • Jeremy Tan

    EVP Engineering

  • Olivia Williams

    Head of Talent



Creating premium consumer projects for more than three million users on-chain.

We’re leveraging the unique strengths of Web3 and building crypto products consumers actually want.


Collectively committed to building better.

Omar Siddiqui

Co-Founder of Joyride

Angélic Vendette

Co-Founder of Stealth Project

Riaz Lalani

Co-Founder of Trophy

Justin Yoshimura

Chairman of

Studio model

Unlocking opportunities. Amplifying results.

We develop ideas in-house from concept and roadmap through to testing, launching, and scaling. We provide co-founders with pre-seed funding, critical domain expertise, and key partnerships to accelerate growth and support their success.


Responsibly advancing crypto, together.

Building in crypto is hard. Building alone in crypto is nearly impossible. Our best-in-class partners enhance our impact and strengthen the foundation for the future of Web3.

Sandeep Nailwal

“Superlayer’s track record for Web3 innovation is unrivaled, and the projects spun out of the studio are a testament to their expertise.”

Sandeep Nailwal
Co-Founder of Polygon




Backed by a network of changemakers.

Chris Dixon

Chris Dixon

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Joe Montana

Joe Montana

Marc Andreessen

Marc Andreessen



Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

Aaron Schwartz

Albert Chen

Alex Bard

Anthony Saleh

Ben Metcalfe

Ben Parr

Bill Lee

Binh Tran

Brian Lee

Brian Lewis

Brit Morin

Carter Reum

Chester Ng

Christa Stout

Clint Kisker

Crush Ventures

Dan Marlo

Dan Schawbel

Daniel Rumennik

David Wachsman

Dennis Fong

Derek Wachsman

Doug Beyer

Ed Lu

Evan Cheng

Holly Liu

Hsuan Lee

Jameson Hsu

Jeff Clavier

Jehan Chu

Jeremiah Owyang

Joe Pulizzi

John Chu

Josh Dembling

Julianna Lamb

Keisuke Honda

Kevin Kelly

Kun Gao

Lars Dalgaard

Laura Ventura

Lenny Ratchitsky

Maha Ibrahim

Matt Liu

Michael Gentile

Michael Ovitz

Michael Zajko

Miguel Vias


Nicholas Tuosto

Omar Siddiqui

Packy McCormick

Peter Flynn

Phil Chen

Phil Yeh

Phillip Hyun

Raghu Yarlagadda

Richard Jun

Richard Ma

Roger Lee

Ronen Kirsch

Sahil Bloom

Scott Hansen

Sheila Marcelo

Siqi Chen

Sriram Krishnan

Steve Chen

Steve Chiang

Sue Young

Walter Driver


Yat Siu


Join us as an investor, partner, or builder and contribute to the future of Web3.