Building the category-defining Web3 projects consumers want.

We create superior and scalable Web3 products that eliminate barriers and put ownership in the hands of consumers with ease.

3+ Million Users On-Chain Across Superlayer projects.
All backed by a proven process for execution.


Building and publishing web3-powered mobile game ecosystems.

Joyride Games is a full-stack platform for building and publishing web3-powered mobile game ecosystems.

Joyride Games' ecosystems have millions of users, giving developers access to market-leading tools to develop, publish, and scale games on the blockchain.


Token creator economies for sharing content and chatting directly with fans.

Create, share, and earn with fans.

Earn token rewards by creating content to share directly with fans and referring others to the platform.


Own your token-powered social influence.

Claim your own token for participating.

Create your own $user coin, and earn rewards by joining community conversations and building your influence.


Turn your order confirmation page into a profit generation page.

Paid memberships with turnkey implementation.

Launch a paid loyalty membership program for your customers. Increase profitability, incremental sales, and marketplace benefits on all major eCommerce platforms.

Kungfu Beasts

The world's first Web3 brand celebrating Asian urban art, pop culture and lifestyle - inspired by Kungfu.

Engaging genuinely passionate communities.

Creating a new idea of what a community can be, breaking down barriers and leveraging the transformative potential of Web3.

…and many more exciting projects in stealth mode that we look forward to launching


Join us as an investor, partner, or builder and contribute to the future of Web3.